Fine Arts Gallery Of Custom Horsehair Rings

Your Horses Hair Made Into Fine Jewelry

by Suzanne Storms

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Suzanne has designed a stunning collection of hand crafted horsehair jewelry with many pieces set with precious and semiprecious stones in unique platinum, gold, or silver sculptures. The quality of the diamonds is VS and the color is G/H. Her jewelry can be worn at formal or casual occasions. You Can Have Up To Five Free Engraved Letters.

===> Examples Of Ring Weave <===

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1.50 TCW diamond ring with  platinum


18K yellow gold diamond


1.0 TCW diamond ring with optional center stone.


Diamond ring, 18k, with 0.950 platinum "X" set with diamonds, TCW.

Diamond ring, 18K gold with 0.950 platinum "X" set with diamonds, TCW. Can be made with one, three or four "Xs".


Diamond ring, 18k, TCW. Center stone is optional and can be supplied by customer.


Horse Head Ring


18K YG Diamond HOrseshoe Ring


Diamond horseshoe ring


Very elegant 18k horse head ring with small faceted diamonds, TCW, set into the eyes and nose and fine flat weave. The flat weave can show two distinct colors.


Dianond horseshoe ring set in 18k gold. Twelve diamonds, TCW.


Dianond horseshoe ring set in 18k white and yellow gold. Twelve diamonds , TCW.


Man's Diamond Horseshoe Ring

Item 46

Item 05

Item 54

Beautiful, large man's 18k diamond horseshoe ring with two levels of bright diamonds, 0.75 TCW.

Heavy man's diamond horseshoe ring, 0.27 TCW, set in 18k gold.

Beautiful 18k diamond horseshoe ring, 0.45 TCW.
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(See matching necklace)


Jade ring with diamonds

Item 11

Cuff Links

Item 44

Blue topaz.

Item 12

Double width, 18k yellow gold with large 9X12 mm jade highlighted with six 0.32 TCW diamonds. The two tracks can be woven to display two or four different colors.

  Fabulous 5/8-inch diameter, 18k gold diamond cuff links, 0.82 tcw.

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(See marching bracelet)
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(See matching necklace)

18k wide gold band with 6X8 mm oval blue topaz.


Ring, Diamond Cluster

Item 06

Diamond Cluster

Item 06A

Diamond Cluster

Item 06B

Beautiful 18k gold diamond ring with a tight cluster of 7 diamonds - 0.32 ct, TCW to give the appearance of a large 1.00 ct diamond.

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Striking 18k gold diamond ring with 18 bright diamonds set in a very tight cluster. 0.99 TCW,

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Fabulous 18k gold diamond cluster with 13 bright diamonds set in a very tight cluster. 0.97 TCW.

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Diamond Cluster

Item 06C

Magnificent 18k gold diamond cluster with 13 bright diamonds set in a very tight cluster. 0.99 TCW.

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Blue topaz.

Item 14


Item 13

Horse shoe with two color weave.

Item 18

18k wide gold band with 6X6 mm square blue topaz.

18k wide gold band with 8 mm round blue topaz.


18k horseshoe ring with two color weave.


Tourmaline, set in 18k

Item 15




Item 20

18k wide gold band with 6X8 mm oval Garnet




Item 20 - 18k gold band with 4x6 mm oval onyx or other semi-precious stone.


Rhodolite, set in 18k

Item 16

Rhodolite, set in 18k

Item 16

South Sea Pearl

Item 09

18k yellow gold with 6.5 mm six side rhodolite star cut.




Exquisite diamond and pearl ring set in an 18k yellow gold band and white gold setting. There are forty small facetted diamonds, 0.52 ct - TCW, and a large 9.0 mm south sea pearl.

(See matching earring)

South Sea Pearl

Item 09

Signet Ring

Item 35

Signet Ring

Item 34


(See matching earring)

This is a lovely 18k gold signet ring with eight 0.13 ct - TCW diamonds and an 8x10 mm garnet. This ring can have the name of your horse, farm, barn, or organization. The center stone can be any type or color - request a quote for gems other than the garnet.


Unique name ring, 18k gold accentuated with 7 small facetted diamonds, 0.10 ct - TCW. The ring can have the name of your horse, farm, barn, or organization up to six letters.


18k yellow gold, amethyst

Item 40

Ring, Plain and Simple

Item 47   

Diamond horseshoe ring

Item 45

Beautiful 18k yellow gold with four pear shaped amethyst stones and 6 bright diamonds, 0.06 tcw.


Simple 18k gold ring with gold cover.

18k gold diamond horseshoe ring, TCW 0.13, with one color weave.


  Important - Please Read

Suzanne's jewelry may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Any item can be made using yellow gold, white gold or platinum in any combination. You can provide your own precious stones to be set into a horsehair ring. Silver is only used for a few pieces. Call Suzanne Storms to help with your design.

All weights and measures indicated above are approximate since the thickness of the individual strands of horsehair and your jewelry size can vary considerably. The photographs on this web site are not displayed to scale (actual size). The woven hair will be presented in its natural form and will not be treated with dyes or toxic chemicals. The same style of jewelry may be shown with different color horsehair, stones or combination of precious metals so that you can visualize the differences in appearance.

You will get the current price or each piece base on the market price of Gold/Platinum when you left click on the PRICE buttom. This unique feature will instantly check the market price of the metals then calculate the price of the piece. The actual price that will be invoiced will be based on the market price when the order is received by Suzanne Storms.

Add $50.00 preparation fee to each order.
Add $20.00 shipping charges to each order.

New Jersey Residents, add 6.0% sales tax.