Fine Arts Gallery Of Custom Horsehair Designs

Your Horses Hair Made Into Fine Jewelry

by Suzanne Storms

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Suzanne has designed a stunning collection of hand crafted horsehair jewelry with many pieces set with precious and semiprecious stones in unique platinum, gold, or silver sculptures. The quality of the diamonds is VS or SI and the color is G/H. Her jewelry can be worn at formal or casual occasions.

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18K Diamond Horseshoe Ring With 3.0 mm Center Diamond

Item C24

Bracelet With Antique Clasp


Item C25

Item C26

18K Diamond Horseshoe Ring With 3.0 mm Center Diamond


Bracelet With Antique Clasp And 18K End Caps.

Three Beautiful Horse Hair Necklace With Tail Hair From Smarty Jones, Silver Charm And Point Given.
Hand Crafted Yellow Gold Piece And Two VS-1, G/H Diamonds, 0.12 TCW.
The Roses Are Enameled Bright Red. This is An Original Sculpture.
Beautiful 18K gold ring with hand-carved Hanoverian logo.

Item C21

Item C22

Dual Track 18K Gold Ring With Platinum Setting And 2.25 Ct Diamond

Item C23

Beautiful 18K gold ring with hand-carved Hanoverian logo.


Simple 18k gold ring with 0.75 Ct Diamond

Dual track 18K gold ring with platinum setting and 2.25 ct diamond


Item C18

18k gold double hair track with gold bead and diamonds

Item C19

Item C20

Beautiful 18 K Yellow Gold Diamond Pin, 0.10 TCW, with hand made Canadian Maple Leaf. On the back is a double lock clasp. The width is 1 5/8 inch (not including diamonds). Worn by Champion Canadian Dressage rider in August 2004 Olympics.


Beautiful 18K gold double hair track with large gold bead set with diamond. The bead and diamond was once an earring that lost its mate.

Beautiful 18K gold diamond horse head necklace with initial "A"

Item C15

18K WG Pearl 

Item C17 

Custom Ruby Horseshoe Necklace - By Suzanne Storms

Item C16

A great antique diamond horseshoe necklace with 0.75 ct diamond centerpiece.

 Beautiful, simple 18K gold pearl ring. The pearl sits in a plain gold cup and was supplied by client.


Beautiful 18K yellow gold horseshoe ruby necklace with diamond star and saphire eye.

Three Ct, VS1, D - Diamond,  Set In Platinum

Item C12

Ring, Custom Diamond Horseshoe, 18K Yellow Gold

Item C13

Item C14

Gorgous 3 ct semi-precious stone, highlighted with Suzanne's flat weave. Diamond supplied by client.


The diamond horseshoe was removed from another ring provided by the customer and mounted on the 18k yellow gold ring.


Diamond horseshoe ring set with customer supplied 1/4 ct princess diamond set in 18k yellow gold.


Antique diamond cluster.

Item C1

Antique cluster, three generations

Item C2

Engagement ring.

Item C3

Stunning 0.950 platinum ring containing 100 small bright diamonds - 1.00 ct, TCW. The centerpiece came from a necklace and is set with diamond cluster and a black onyx ring.


This beautiful ring has a history of three generations. The sapphires and trillion diamonds came from grandmother's earrings. The center diamond came from mother's engagement ring. The daughter will wear the entire collection. The horsehair is woven into two separate colors to memorialize an old friend.


Two color weave set into18k yellow gold with an attractive 0.60 ct diamond made into an engagement ring.

Large diamond from earring; small diamonds from family.

Item C6

Black pearl from South Pacific vacation.

Item C7

Bar pin with white pearl


Item C8

A stunning arrangement of diamonds set in 18k white gold. The 1.50 ct center diamond was part of an earring set (the other earring was lost). The smaller stones came from a family ring.


Simple 7 mm black pearl set in 18k white gold. The pearl was purchased by client while on vacation.

Beauitful, simple 18k yellow gold stock pin with white pearl backed with a special locking pin for loss prevention.

Diamond horseshoe with Marquise diamond

Item C9

Horsehead with emerald eyes

Item C10

Twin horsehead with emerald eyes

Item C11

Beautiful 18k white gold diamond horseshoe ring with marquise diamond from mothers ring. High contrast two color weave.

18k yellow gold horsehead ring. The diamond eyes were replaced with diamond cut emeralds.


18k yellow gold twin horsehead bracelet with diamonds set in platinum bit. The diamond eyes were replaced with diamond cut emeralds.


Read This

Suzanne's jewelry may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Any item can be made using yellow gold, white gold or platinum in any combination. You can provide your own precious stones to be set into a horsehair ring. Silver is only used for a few pieces. Call Suzanne Storms to help with your design.

All weights and measures indicated above are approximate since the thickness of the individual strands of horsehair and your jewelry size can vary considerably. The photographs on this web site are not displayed to scale (actual size). The woven hair is presented in its natural form and has not been treated with toxic chemicals. The same style of jewelry may be shown with different color horsehair, stones or combination of precious metals so that you can visualize the differences in appearance.

Request quote from Suzanne Storms for custom work.

Add $50.00 preparation fee to each order.
Add $20.00 shipping charges to each order.
New Jersey Residents, add 6.0% sales tax.